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How Much Is That Issue Fee Payment In The Window?

A new USPTO fee schedule took effect on January 16, 2018, which usually means that all fees must be paid at the new (higher) rate. However, thanks to revisions to 35 USC § 151 effected by the Patent Law Treaties Implementation Act of 2012, applicants paying an Issue Fee need only pay the amount set … Continue reading this entry

USPTO Patent Fees To Go Up January 2018

While Congress is trying to pass a tax reform bill that would cut corporate taxes, USPTO patent fees will increase effective January 16, 2018. The 72% jump in the Inter Partes Review request fee has gotten the most attention, but a number of prosecution fee increases are notable. As stakeholders consider the impact these higher USPTO … Continue reading this entry

Higher US Patent Fees On The Horizon

The USPTO has published a proposed fee schedule for patent fees likely to take effect October 1, 2017–the start of the USPTO’s next fiscal year. The proposed fee schedule makes “slight” changes to many fees, and more “significant” changes to RCE, ex parte appeal, and patent trial fees (among others). Written comments are due by December, … Continue reading this entry

Can You Wait To Take Advantage Of USPTO Fees Decreasing January 1, 2014?

Certain USPTO fees are set to decrease on January 1, 2014, including issue fees and the publication fees for utility applications. Also, as of January 1, 2014, certain PCT International Stage fees will have Small Entity and Micro Entity rates. Additionally, the USPTO no longer will charge a recordation fee  to record a patent assignment … Continue reading this entry

USPTO To Waive New Appeal Fee For Appeal Briefs Filed By March 18, 2013

While most stakeholders are focused on the first-inventor-to-file changes to U.S. patent law that take effect on March 16, 2013, some applicants could realize significant cost savings by taking certain actions by March 18, 2013, to avoid the new USPTO fees that take effect on March 19, 2013. Applicants in the process of preparing Appeal … Continue reading this entry

Taking A Stand On USPTO Request For Continued Examination (RCE) Policy

Next week (February 4, 2013) is the deadline for submitting comments in response to the USPTO’s request for feedback on Request for Continued Examination (RCE) practice. (This article provides more information on the request for feedback.) The USPTO’s treatment (or neglect) of RCEs will become even more frustrating after March 19, 2013, when the costs for … Continue reading this entry

USPTO Announces New, Higher USPTO Patent Fees

The USPTO has published the new patent fee structure that it is implementing pursuant to its fee-setting authority under the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA). While some patent prosecution fees are decreasing, most large entities will see their total patent prosecution fees increase.  The majority of the new USPTO patent fees will take effect on … Continue reading this entry

USPTO Imposes New Limits On Credit Card Payments

As announced on the USPTO website, as of June 30, 2012, there will be a daily limit of $49,999.99 for credit card accounts, but no daily limit for debit card accounts. (Currently, the daily limit for both credit card and debit card accounts is $99,999.99.) The new limit will be enforced automatically through the Pay.gov … Continue reading this entry

USPTO Publishes Proposed Micro Entity Rules

A Federal Register Notice set to publish on May 30, 2012, sets forth the USPTO’s proposed rules for implementing the Micro Entity provisions of the America Invents Act (“AIA”). The proposed rules closely track the new law, but the USPTO seeks input on one important issue of statutory interpretation. Public comments on the proposed rules should … Continue reading this entry

The Rhyme & Reason Behind The USPTO's Proposed Patent Fees

On Wednesday, February 15, 2012, the Patent Public Advisory Committee (PPAC) will hold its first public hearing on the patent fees that the USPTO proposes to charge in accordance with its new fee-setting authority conferred by the America Invents Act. In advance of this meeting, the USPTO released several documents outlining and explaining the proposed … Continue reading this entry

USPTO Publishes Proposed Rules For New Patent Challenges And Outlines New Patent Fees

The USPTO has published non-final versions of its proposed rules for the new “contested cases” created by the America Invents Act (Inter Partes Review, Post Grant Review and Derivation proceedings) on its AIA Implementation website. According to the USPTO, the official Federal Register Notices will be published later this week, on February 9 and 10. … Continue reading this entry

Will You Pay $17,750 For Ex Parte Reexamination?

Today’s Federal Register includes the USPTO’s proposed rules to implement the Supplemental Examination provisions of The America Invents Act. I am in London for the C5 Biosimilars Forum, so I have not been able to read the 70 page notice, but the proposed new ex parte reexamination fee caught my eye as I skimmed through: $17,750.… Continue reading this entry