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USPTO Eases Requirements For Track I Prioritized Examination

In a Federal Register Notice issued March 5, 2014, the USPTO announced interim rules under the Track I prioritized examination program that ease the formal requirements for obtaining Track I prioritized examination of a new application. The eased requirements apply to all Track I requests filed since September 16, 2012 (even if previously rejected) as … Continue reading this entry

USPTO Opens Track I Expedited Examination To RCEs

In today’s Federal Register Notice, the USPTO announces the expansion of its Track I program for fee-based expedited examination to include Requests for Continued Examination (RCEs). While this may be good news on a practical level, it exacts a high price to obtain prompt review of an application that already is midstream in the examination process. … Continue reading this entry

Tidbits From IPO PTO Day

I was co-chair of last week’s IPO PTO Day conference, and it was a great event. The program included several speakers from the USPTO, including Commissioner for Patents Bob Stoll, Deputy Commissioner for Patents Peggy Focarino, Chief Administrative Patent Judge James Smith, Vice Chief Administrative Patent Judge James Moore, and Administrative Patent Judge Michael Tierney. … Continue reading this entry

USPTO Track I Fee-Based Prioritized Examination Available Now

As of September 26, 2011, applicants can seek fee-based prioritized examination under the USPTO’s Track I program. The September 23, 2011 Federal Register Notice sets forth the details of the program, which is largely identical to that previously set to take effect May 4, 2011, although the basic fee is higher. The USPTO decided not to … Continue reading this entry

President Obama Expected To Sign Patent Reform On Friday, September 16, 2011

According to the Washington Post, and supported by comments from Robert Stoll, USPTO Commissioner for Patents, during the September 14,2011 webinar hosted by Foley & Lardner LLP, President Obama is expected to sign the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act on Friday, September 16, 2011. That will make September 16, 2011 the “date of enactment,” triggering some immediate … Continue reading this entry

USPTO Budget Cuts Halt Track I & Other USPTO Initiatives

On April 22, 2011, USPTO Director Kappos announced the impact of the budget reductions embodied in the fiscal year 2011 budget that finally was enacted on April 15, 2011. (Fiscal year 2011 runs through September 30, 2011). The budget gives the USPTO the authority to spend only $2.09 billion, which is about $100 million less … Continue reading this entry

May 4 Effective Date for USPTO Fee-Based Prioritized Examination (Track I)

On April 4, 2011, the USPTO issued a Notice in the Federal Register announcing the implementation of fee-based prioritized examination, also known as “Track I” of its three tracks of examination options proposed in June of 2010. Track I will be available for non-reissue applications filed on or after May 4, 2011. While this program may be … Continue reading this entry

Fee-Based Fast-Track Examination On The Horizon?

The USPTO has issued a proposed rulemaking supporting its plans to implement "Track I" of the three track examination program announced last year. According to the announcement, the USPTO is still considering public comments on other aspects of the program, but wants to move forward with Track I because "the vast majority of public input was supportive." … Continue reading this entry