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Patent Term Adjustment In The Post-RCE Period

We know from Novartis v. Lee ¬†that a patent application does not earn “B delay” type Patent Term Adjustment (PTA) from the time an RCE is filed until a Notice of Allowance is issued, but an application still can earn PTA for “A delay” when the USPTO takes more than four months after the RCE … Continue reading this entry

Compact Prosecution 2.0 -- Changing The U.S. Patent Examination Paradigm

William F. Smith of Woodcock Washburn LLP and Joseph Mallon of Knobbe Martens (colleagues on the IPO Patent Office Practice Committee)** have prepared a white paper that encourages us to take a step back from the current U.S. patent examination paradigm, and move forward to “Compact Prosecution 2.0.” Their proposal would eliminate two significant patent … Continue reading this entry