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The Patent Prosecution Highway Pothole For Pharmaceutical Patents

The USPTO promotes the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) as a way to “fast-track” a U.S. patent application when a corresponding foreign application has been allowed, or when a corresponding PCT application has received a favorable Written Opinion from a Searching Authority that participates in the PPH program. While a USPTO Examiner still will conduct an … Continue reading this entry

USPTO Widens Patent Prosecution Highway

In a press release issued July 1, 2011, the USPTO announced pilot changes to the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) that will make the PPH much more widely available, and hence much more useful, to many applicants. Most welcome is the change that will permit PPH filings based on an indication of allowability from any participating … Continue reading this entry

US-Australia Patent Prosecution Highway Widened to Include PCT

The USPTO has announced that starting January 24, 2011, the Patent Proecution Highway between the USPTO and Australia will expand to include positive patentability determinations made under the PCT. While the details of the this PCT program have not yet been promulgated, I assume they will be similar to those in place for the current PCT-PPH programs. … Continue reading this entry

Current Options for Prioritized U.S. Examination

When Director Kappos wrote on his blog about international worksharing programs, he also provided a summary of current options for prioritized U.S. examination. While most are well-known, it is good to keep all options in mind when prompt examination is important, such as when a commercial product is on the market (or will be within the … Continue reading this entry

USPTO Forges Ahead With International Worksharing

During his first year as Director of the USPTO, David Kappos has championed international worksharing as a key mechanism for addressing the growing workload—and backlog—facing patent offices around the world. Patent Prosecution Highway programs were the first international worksharing initiatives, and a recent announcement on Kappos’ blog indicates that more programs are on the horizon. … Continue reading this entry

Should We Be Paving the World with Patent Prosecution Highways?

As of August 25, 2010, the USPTO has entered into Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) agreements with twelve countries. While USPTO press releases tout these programs as “cooperative initiatives that streamline the patent system and promote expeditious, inexpensive and high-quality patent protection throughout the world,” their benefits for the U.S. patent system as a whole, and U.S. … Continue reading this entry

The Realities That Interfere With Streamlining Patent Prosecution

In “Ten Tips for Streamlining Patent Prosecution,” Director Kappos outlines ten steps that he would like practitioners to take in order to promote compact prosecution. While I agree with most of these steps in principle, often the realities of patent prosecution, business decisions and innovation itself get in the way. Here I discuss items 6-9 of his list. … Continue reading this entry