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Federal Circuit Finds Hole In "This" Priority Claim

In Medtronic CoreValve, LLC v. Edwards Lifesciences Corp., the Federal Circuit affirmed the district court’s finding that the patent at issue was invalid because of a defective priority claim. While practitioners may cringe at the apparent clerical error underlying the decision, the USPTO’s new requirement that priority claims be included in an Application Data Sheet … Continue reading this entry

Supreme Court Lays Burden Of Proof On Patentee, Even In Declaratory Judgment Action

In Medtronic, Inc. v. Mirowski Family Ventures, LLC, a unanimous Supreme Court held that the patent holder bears the burden of proving infringement, even in a declaratory judgment action brought by a licensee. In reaching its decision, the Court dismissed concerns that it would skew the balance of power between patent holder and licensee, noting … Continue reading this entry