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Supreme Court Says Willful Blindness Can Satisfy Knowledge Requirement For Induced Infringment

The Supreme Court provided additional guidance on the doctrine of induced infringement when it decided Global-Tech Appliances, Inc. v. SEB S.A., but it still affirmed the Federal Circuit’s judgment that the defendant was liable for inducing infringement of SEB’s patent. The Court held that 35 USC § 271(b) requires “knowledge” for liability for induced infringement, … Continue reading this entry

When Words Matter: Drug Labels vs. Kit Labels

The Federal Circuit decision in AstraZeneca LP v. Apotex, Inc. reveals an interesting dichotomy in the role of printed material in pharmaceutical patent disputes. On the one hand, the court found that proposed labeling for Apotex’s drug product supported a claim of induced infringement, while on the other it confirmed that the labeling included in AstraZeneca’s kit … Continue reading this entry