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Federal Circuit Refuses To Find Implied License For Endo Opana Patents

In Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Actavis, Inc., the Federal Circuit reversed the district court’s decision denying Endo’s motion for summary judgment of infringement based on an implied license. The Federal Circuit found that Roxane and Actavis did not have an express or implied license to practice the Endo Opana patents at issue, even though they … Continue reading this entry

Federal Circuit Reverses Rejection Based On Board Conjecture

The recent Federal Circuit decision in In re Huai-Hung Kao addressed obviousness rejections in three separate patent applications assigned to Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The court affirmed the Board’s rejections in two of the applications, but vacated and remanded in the other application. This article looks at the court’s finding in that application that the rejection … Continue reading this entry