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USPTO Publishes Final Rules For Preissuance Submissions By Third Parties

The USPTO published the final rules to implement the Preissuance Submissions provisions of the America Invents Act in the July 17, 2012 Federal Register. The final rules add new 37 CFR § 1.290, revise 37 CFR § 1.291, and remove 37 CFR § 1.99 (the current rule relating to preissuance submissions) and 37 CFR § … Continue reading this entry

Proposed AIA Implementation Rules: Citation Of Prior Art And Written Statements

On January 5, 2012, the USPTO issued a Federal Register Notice with proposed rules to implement provisions of the America Invents Act relating to the citation of prior art and written statements in a granted patent. The USPTO will consider written comments received by March 5, 2012. (The same Federal Register Notice also sets forth proposed rules … Continue reading this entry

USPTO Issues First Batch Of Proposed AIA Implementation Rules

Last week the USPTO issued four Federal Register Notices with proposed rules to implement different aspects of the American Invents Act. Each proposed rule making has a 60 day comment period that expires in early March. As announced on the USPTO’s Leahy-Smith America Invents Act Implementation webpage, the USPTO will be carrying out an “AIA … Continue reading this entry