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Amicus Briefs On Biosimilar Patent Litigation

Amgen has appealed the district court decision denying its motion for a preliminary injunction to keep Sandoz’ biosimilar version of Neupogen® off the market. (I wrote about the court’s decision in this article.) The appeal is on an expedited briefing schedule at the Federal Circuit, and three amicus briefs have been filed. All of the amicus … Continue reading this entry

What Do The IP Lawyers Have To Say In The Myriad Remand?

Several associations and organizations of intellectual property lawyers submitted amicus briefs in the Federal Circuit remand of Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc. (the ACLU “gene patenting”/BRCA1 case). While many make the same arguments, there are some points that may stand out enough to get the court’s attention. (See this article for my … Continue reading this entry