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Federal Circuit Finds Yaz Patent Obvious

In Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the Federal Circuit reversed the district court and held that Bayer’s patent covering its Yaz® birth control pill product is invalid as obvious. The court found a strong prima facie case of obviousness, and rejected each of Bayer’s arguments relating to secondary indicia of non-obviousness.… Continue reading this entry

Federal Circuit Clears Way For Generic Yasmin

In Bayer Schering Pharma AG v. Lupin, Ltd., the Federal Circuit upheld the district court’s determination that the Abbreviated New Drug Applications at issue did not infringe the asserted patent related to Yasmin. In particular, the Federal Circuit agreed that the FDA had not approved Yasmin for the method of use claimed in the patent, … Continue reading this entry

Clinical Trial Invalidates European Patent

Pharmaceutical inventions usually require human clinical testing in order to obtain regulatory approval to market the new product. Often a patent application is filed before the invention undergoes human testing, but sometimes a human clinical trial may be started—or even completed—first. While U.S. patent law provides that a “public use” of the invention within the … Continue reading this entry

Will The Federal Circuit's Therasense Decision Solve The McKesson Problem?

This week the Federal Circuit heard oral arguments in its en banc rehearing of Therasense, Inc. v. Becton, Dickinson & Co. As reflected in the en banc order, the court took this case en banc in order to reconsider—and hopefully reform—the law of inequitable conduct. The court’s decision could solve the McKesson problem and rein … Continue reading this entry