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Supreme Court Applies Antitrust Scrutiny To ANDA Reverse Payment Settlement Agreements

In Federal Trade Commission v. Actavis, Inc., the Supreme Court held that reverse payment (“pay-for-delay”) settlement agreements made in the context of settling Hatch-Waxman ANDA litigation should be evaluated for antitrust violations under a “rule of reason” analysis. In so doing, the Court rejected both the “scope of the patent” test urged by the patent … Continue reading this entry

Federal Circuit Finds Yaz Patent Obvious

In Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the Federal Circuit reversed the district court and held that Bayer’s patent covering its Yaz® birth control pill product is invalid as obvious. The court found a strong prima facie case of obviousness, and rejected each of Bayer’s arguments relating to secondary indicia of non-obviousness.… Continue reading this entry

Federal Circuit Upholds Fentora Patents, But Affirms Non-Infringement

In Cephalon, Inc. v. Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the Federal Circuit reversed the district court’s finding that two Orange Book-listed patents for Cephalon’s FENTORA® product were invalid, but affirmed the district court’s finding that Watson’s ANDA product would not infringe the patents. The Federal Circuit decision reviews the “undue experimentation” standard for lack of enablement, and … Continue reading this entry

Supreme Court To Hear AndroGel Reverse Payment Case

The Supreme Court granted certiorari in Federal Trade Commission v. Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., to address whether and when “reverse payment” agreements made to settle ANDA litigation violate antitrust laws. The Supreme Court may decide whether such reverse payments should be evaluated under the “scope of the patent” test (which upholds most agreements) or the “quick … Continue reading this entry

Non-Legal Perspectives On Isolated DNA: The Watson And Holman Amicus Briefs In The Myriad Remand

The most interesting briefs in the Federal Circuit remand of Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc. (the ACLU “gene patenting”/BRCA1 case) may be those submitted by James D. Watson and Christopher M. Holman, which each present non-legal perspectives on the issues before the court.… Continue reading this entry

Federal Circuit Clears Way For Generic Yasmin

In Bayer Schering Pharma AG v. Lupin, Ltd., the Federal Circuit upheld the district court’s determination that the Abbreviated New Drug Applications at issue did not infringe the asserted patent related to Yasmin. In particular, the Federal Circuit agreed that the FDA had not approved Yasmin for the method of use claimed in the patent, … Continue reading this entry